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3 massages for the price of two – only 115 Eur

Regular price 155 Eur.

We offer you exclusive Cello Clinic massages:

  • exclusive cello clinic masage 50 Eur (60 min.)
  • tranquillity ritual for face and body 65 Eur (90 min.)
  • firming facial massage 40 Eur (60 min.) IT’S A PRESENT!

Exceptional Cello Clinic massage

60 min. / 50 Eur (buying separately)

Special Chinese treatment (spot) massage techniques that are used relax the muscles, and reduces the tension. Especially suitable for active people, who work a lot, helps to quickly restore strength and internal harmony.

Tranquillity Ritual

90 min. / 65 Eur (buying separately)

Aromatic ritual for face and body that ensures a good well-being. Gives deep sense of health, relaxes the muscles, improves metabolism, moisturises and nourishes the skin, this way the skin becomes bright and radiant.

Firming facial massage

60 min. / 40 Eur (buying separately)

The effect of an active lifting, lifts and firms up, as well as revitalises tired facial skin. Blood flow and skin balance is restored, facial outline is highlighted.


The price of the complex of the three massages of the offer – 115 Eur. Registration is FREE and no prior deposit is required! Register for the first procedure out the three, and the rest procedures – register at us at Cello Clinic.

Other massage procedures corresponding to the value and length of the procedure can be chosen upon arrival.



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