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Privacy policy

1.1. Personal information recipient – a legal or natural person, who is provided with an information about the User (as is defined below), including Cello Clinic related companies (holding and subsidiary companies), partners with whom Cello Clinic (as defined below) is cooperating in order to provide the Users with the possibility to use the Web page;
1.2. Personal information – any information, related with a natural person – the subject of information, the identity of whom is known, or could be directly or indirectly identified with the use of such information as personal code, one or several traits of physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social nature, characteristic to the person;
1.3. Items – products of any kind that under the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania are not removed from the market, and that can be bought by the User on the Web page of Cello Clinic;
1.4. Services of the information society – usually the services provided for compensation and over a distance via electronic means at the individual request of the recipient of the information society service;
1.5. IP address – a unique number that identifies a computer, a phone, a tablet or other device that connects to the internet. IP address can be used to identify the country in which the computer is connected to the internet;
1.6. Browser – a program that helps to reach the web pages on the internet, personal computer or a phone;
1.7. Account – the result of User’s registration on the Web page, after which the User’s profile that stores his personal information and the use of the Web page services, is created;
1.8. Privacy policy – this document, which specifies main rules for the collection, keeping, management, and storage of the Personal information that are applicable to the Users when they use the Web page;
1.9. Cookies – small files, uploaded to the User’s computer, phone, tablet or other device that is used when the User is visiting the Web page, they are used to recognize User’s device. This definition includes not only the use of cookies, but also of the measures of similar nature (e.g. flash cookies);
1.10. Web page – internet web page with the address;
1.11. Web page administrator – person responsible for the administration of the Web page, i.e.: Cello Clinic (as defined below);
1.12. Web page links – links in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and other social networks, where the information about the Web page and the services that it provides, is posted, and the content published by the Web page Users is shared;
1.13. Direct marketing – all activities that allow the administrator of the Web page offer services or transfer any other information to the User via mail, phone or by other direct means, in order to inform the User or in order to get a response from him, as well as all other services that are related to that.
1.14. User – every natural person that uses the Web page, regardless whether he is a registered user or uses the Web page without registration;
1.15. Cello Clinic – “Jaunystės Akademija” PJSC registered in the Vilnius branch of the Register of legal entities of the Center of Registers of the Republic of Lithuania
Company code 304323452.

2.1. This Privacy policy regulates the main principles and procedure for the collection, management and storage of the Personal information of the Web page User.
2.2. The collection, management and storage of User’s personal information is regulated by this Privacy policy, and to the extent that it does not regulate, the regulation is ensured by the law on the legal protection of the personal information of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislation.
2.3. By specifying their Personal information on the Web page the Users agree that Cello Clinic will control and manage them for the purposes, by the means and according to the procedure that are specified in this Privacy policy and in the legislation.
2.4. Users are considered to be familiarised with this Privacy policy when they register on the Web site.
2.5. You can familiarise with the Privacy policy again on the Web site at any time.
2.6. This Privacy policy also automatically applies to the Users that use the Web page without registration to the extent that is allowed by the general rules of the Web page.

3.1. The Web site uses Cookies. You will find descriptions of cookies, data that they use and configurations in here.
3.2. Cookies help to improve the functioning of the Web page, they are used to adapt the content of the Web page to the needs of the User.
3.3. 3.3. By using the Web page You with the use of the above specified Cookies in the Web page bellow.
3.4. You can delete or block cookies or part thereof in the settings of the Browser, but in this case part of the Web page may lose functionality.

4.1. Persons who want to register on the Web page must submit their email address and password. An Account is being created during the registration, in it the User can specify additional Personal information of the User, such as name, last name, city (place of residence), etc. The User can edit, supplement or delete his Account with all the information that it contains at any time.
4.2. User’s address and/or IP address of the computer that are specified in the Account can be used to identify the location of the User. Web page administrator can obtain the information from User’s mobile device in order to identify the location the User, only if a prior consent of the User is obtained.
4.3. Cello Clinic collects, stores and manages and information provided in the User Account and obtained while Users are using the Web page for the following purposes:
4.3.1. For the provision of opportunity for the Users to use the Web page.
4.3.2. For the purposes of the efficient provision of the services that are offered on the Web page. Cello Clinic takes care that the use of the Web page was efficient, also that the theft of a personal information and fraud and/or cases of dishonest behaviour were prevented.
4.3.3. In order to ensure constant improvement and development of the Web page, Cello Clinic has the right to use Personal information also for the purposes of the Direct marketing of its services, when the User does not object to that and expresses his consent.
4.4. Registered User agrees to allow to use his Personal information for the purposes of the Direct marketing. The User can inform Cello Clinic at any time that he withdraws his consent/non-objection to use his information for the purposes of the direct marketing of the Cello Clinic services. In such case the User is immediately removed from the data base of the Direct marketing message recipients.
4.4.1. During the administration of the web page and diagnostics of the possible malfunctions the administrator of the web page can also use the IP addresses of visitors.
4.4.1. During the administration of the web page and diagnostics of the possible malfunctions the administrator of the web page can also use the IP addresses of visitors.
4.5. Cello Clinic stores Personal information of Users for 3 (three) months from the termination of the Account on the Web page or for 1 (one) year from the last User’s login to the Account on the Web page, except in cases that are specified in the Privacy policy, general rules of Cello Clinic or in the legislation, when Personal information can be stored for a longer time
5.1. Links of Cello Clinic Web page are links of certain internet web pages, where information, same as in the Web page, could be posted, because Cello Clinic is the manager of the Web page, as well as of the Web page links.
5.2. Privacy policy and rules of the web page that contains links of the Cello Clinic Web page, as well as this Privacy policy and other applicable Cello Clinic rules that are posted on the Web page, are applicable to the users of the Web page links.
5.3. Cello Clinic has Web page links in the following internet web pages: Facebook, Instagram and other sociali networks.

6.1. Cello Clinic informs that it does not transfer Personal information to third parties, based in the territory of Lithuania, countries of the European Union or other foreign countries, neither for compensation nor free of charge, and does not disclose it in any other way, except in the following cases:
6.1.1. if User’s consent to disclose his Personal information is received;
6.1.2. to the recipients of a Personal information, when they are trying to fulfill the objectives specified in this Privacy policy;
6.1.3. to the law enforcement institutions – according to the procedure specified in the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania;
6.1.4. to other persons – in cases that are specified in the legislation.
6.2. User’s Personal information is submitted to the member states of the European Union or other foreign countries according to the same terms and conditions, as to the recipients of the Personal information that are based in the Republic of Lithuania, and only for the purposes that are specified in this Privacy Policy and legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

7.1. With the use of internal organisational and technical means, the web page administrator will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Personal information that is submitted by the user would be protected from any unlawful actions: illegal alteration, disclosure or destruction of Personal information, theft of identity, fraud and that the Personal information security level would meet the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
7.2. The User undertakes and has to protect his password and User name that are used to log into the Web page, as well as other information. User undertakes and must not disclose Personal information to any third parties neither about himself nor about third parties, if such Personal information of third parties became available to him, and must immediately inform Cello Clinic of the visible breaches.
7.3. “Cello Clinic” is not responsible if the personal information of the User is illegally altered, disclosed or destroyed, User’s identity is stolen or another kind of fraud is committed by using the personal information submitted by the User, due to the fault or negligence of the User himself that occurred as the consequence of the non following of the Privacy policy, “Cello Clinic” general rules or other rules of the Web page, or legislation, also due to any actions of third parties.
7.4. If Cello Clinic has doubts about the validity of the Personal information supplied by the User, it can stop the management actions for this Personal information of users, verify this information and clarify it. Such Personal information is only used to verify its correctness.
7.5. User consents in advance that the Web page has the right to store the Personal information of the User, as long as it is needed, if the Personal information of the User was (i) used during the commission of a crime, or (ii) it was suspected that a theft of identity or other violation, due to which an investigation of respective law enforcement institutions was or will be conducted, was committed (iii) if the administrator of the Web page had received complaints, related with a certain User, or if the administrator of the Web page have noticed violations of Celio Clinic general rules and other rules of the Web page done by a respective User, or (iv) in case of other lawful purposes to store Personal information. This information is destroyed after a lawful order from the law enforcement or other authorised institutions are received or if there is no need to store this information any more.

8.1. The User grants the right to Cello Clinic to collect, control, manage, and store User’s Personal information to such extent and for such purposes, as is specified in the Privacy policy and other documents of the Web page. The User has a right to:
8.1.1. familiarise with the Personal information that he submitted at any time by logging into his Account;
8.1.2. receive information in writing about what Personal information of his and from what sources was gathered, for what purpose it is managed, and to which information recipients it had been submitted and was submitted during the last year, after submitting a request to the Web page administrator. Information is presented to the User in writing to the email address that he specified, no later than within 30 calendar days from the day on which the User requested to present such information. The administrator of the Web page provides such information to the User free of charge once per calendar year.
8.1.3. demand to correct the incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate personal information and (or) to stop actions of such information management, except storage, if the User determines that his personal information is incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate or managed illegally and in bad faith, by submitting the request to the administrator of the Web page in writing, via email. Web page administrator undertakes to notify the User about the correction or destruction of the personal information that was performed or not performed at his request or suspension of the personal information management within 5 days from the day on which these actions were performed.
8.1.4. refuse that his Personal information would be managed by not agreeing with the Privacy policy. In such case the User will not have a possibility to register on the Web page.
8.1.5. The paragraph 4.4. of the Privacy policy specifies the terms for the refusal to manage his Personal information for the purposes of the Direct marketing.
8.2. The provision or withdrawal of the consent to collect, control and manage Personal information is valid for the future only. After “Cello Clinic” receives such notice from the User via email, it immediately ceases to manage the information of that Person and terminates his Account, but that does not mean that “Cello Clinic” has to delete/destroy Personal information, if it has grounds to store the information, especially when the security and protection of the state, public order, crime prevention, investigation, detection or criminal prosecution, important economic and financial interests of the state, or protection of the rights and freedoms of other persons must be ensured.

This Privacy policy is valid from the day, when it is published on the Web site. Users will always be notified on the Web page and/or via email, about any amendments and/ or appendments of the Privacy policy that can be made by Cello Clinic at any time.

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