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VelaShape III procedures are especially efficient and can be used for face, neck zone, arms, belly, sides, buttocks, and thighs.

– Firming of a belly (very good results and a quick restoration of body lines after giving of birth).

– It is an effective solution to the issue of a hanging skin of (upper) arms. – Solution for the “Cake top” belly problem, removal of the unnecessary belly and body fat.

– Slimming of body lines, improvement of skin firmness, improvement of collagen production.

– Treatment and prevention of old cellulite.

Procedures performed with a VelaShape III device are pleasant, non-invasive, relaxing, improving blood flow and muscle tone.

Usually after the procedure the feeling is good, and you can engage in the usual activity. Sometimes happens that feeling is determined by an individual reaction of the body: VelaShape III can affect differently (can energize or on the contrary – relax).

However, the most frequent body reaction is thirst due to the activated lymphatic drainage, blood flow and more more active processes of excretion. Due to this reason, after the procedure we recommend to drink more water than you usually drink during the day.

VelaShape III technology is based on a non-invasive cellulite treatment, improvement of lymphatic drainage, shaping of body dimensions and removal of striations. III generation VelaShape – the newest and the most innovative product, with its use the results are visible after the first procedure and after much shorter duration of a procedure. Patented ELOS technology is based on the processes of the bipolar radio frequencies, infra-red rays and pulsing vacuum. This way the blood flow is improved, the production of collagen is stimulated, cellulite is treated, and the formations of fat are removed. Therefore, visible visual changes of skin condition and reduced dimensions right after the first procedure! During the procedure:

1. Infra-red rays (IR) relax the excessive fat from fat cells by warming up the tissues up to 2 cm depth. They firm up and smooth the skin.

2. Bipolar radio frequency (RF) stimulates collagen production, accelerate metabolism in cells, improves blood circulation, and stimulates lymphatic drainage.

3. Pulsing vacuum massage removes cellulite very efficiently and noticeably (even the old one), and actively affects the fat formations.

4. Mechanical effect (roller-shape) on the skin activates the blood flow and improves lymphatic drainage.

VELASHAPE III PROCEDURES: An effective and innovative cellulite treatment, reduction of dimensions and removal of striations, based on a new generation ELOS technology.

SHOURT COURSE OF PROCEDURES – QUICK SOLUTION FOR THE PROBLEMS: A course of only 3 recommended procedures is enough to solve the problems that are plaguing You for a long time! Only one maintaining procedure is enough for a long-term retention of the results!

PLEASANT NON-INVASIVE PROCEDURE: Procedures that are performed with VelaShape III device are pleasant, relaxing, improving blood blow and muscular tone.

MORE THAN 5 MILLIONS VELASHAPE III PROCEDURES ARE PERFORMED EVERY YEAR: Time tested, effective and scientifically proven, very efficient, non-invasive treatment procedure.

There are several effective ways to treat or reduce cellulite so that there was no need to hide cellulite-affected places the entire. Firstly, there are some bad news, there is no easy or simple treatment for cellulite, which is a problem for 85% women, who are older than 20 years. But the good thing is that emerging of cellulite can be lessened and significantly slow down its formation.

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