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Body and face massages

Exceptional Cello Clinic massage

60 min. / 50 Eur

Special Chinese treatment (spot) massage techniques that are used relax the muscles, and reduces the tension. Especially suitable for active people, who work a lot, helps to quickly restore strength and internal harmony.
Relaxing full body massage

Relaxing full body massage

60 min. / 40 Eur or 90 min. / 60 Eur

Anti-stress, relaxing, calming and positive thoughts inspiring. Helps to forget physical and spiritual fatigue, as well as restores internal tranquility.

Tranquillity Ritual

90 min. / 65 Eur

Aromatic ritual for face and body that ensures a good well-being. Gives deep sense of health, relaxes the muscles, improves metabolism, moisturises and nourishes the skin, this way the skin becomes bright and radiant.

Tranquillity Pro Sleep

60 min. / 55 Eur

Unique and relaxing full body massage with brushes. Exceptional technique massage intended for deep relaxation, removes tension and restores tranquility for the body and mind. Touch, smell and sound will create a feeling that will carry you to the kingdom of dreams.

Amber Ritual

90 min. / 65 Eur

Rejuvenating and energizing ritual for the whole body, with the use of amber sand and aromatic oil. Special properties of amber relax muscles and balance nervous system, strengthen immunity and inhibit ageing. Balances physical and emotional balance.

Sports massage

60 min. / 40 Eur or 90 min. / 60 Eur

For people with active life, relaxes muscles, restores energy and strength. Helps to alleviate muscle and joint pain, and to reach the best physical shape.

Express facial massage

30 min. / 25 Eur

Removes the signs of fatigue, brightens the skin, smooths out wrinkles. Muscle tone and outline of facial muscles improve.

Firming facial massage

60 min. / 40 Eur

The effect of an active lifting, lifts and firms up, as well as revitalises tired facial skin. Blood flow and skin balance is restored, facial outline is highlighted.

Special Chinese facial massage of 36 different motions

60 min. / 40 Eur

Exceptional Chinese facial massage, during it techniques of even 36 different massage motions are used. Firms and lifts up, revitalises and rejuvenates facial skin.

Relaxing back massage

20 min. / 20 Eur or 45 min. / 35 Eur

Reduces the stress, tension, relaxes, gives strength and restores good well-being. Recommended for those, who feel back pains, hand numbness, or working in a stressful job.

Relaxing facial massage

20 min. / 20 Eur or 45 min. / 35 Eur

The skin is revitalised and calmed, signs of fatigue are eliminated, and the skin is brightened.

Relaxing head massage

20 min. / 20 Eur or 45 min. / 35 Eur

Perfectly takes care of stress and tension. It is the best way to quickly relax and forget daily routine.

Relaxing feet massage

20 min. / 20 Eur or 45 min. / 35 Eur

Relaxes the whole body, eliminates muscle pain and fatigue, helps to recover strength and energy.

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