VelaShape III procedures are chosen by famous women

We are happy that we get a lot of attention from young, active mommies, who do not forget to take care of themselves and recommend to other women the procedures that ensure great results.

Agnė Jagelavičiūtė
I have already told you about this thing. I attend VelaShape III once again for the reduction of cellulite and improvement of curves. The place that I visited the first time, had grown, relocated to another super elegant, simply sexy, (you simply cannot call it an office, just pity that a phone cannot reflect the whole beauty and is unable to show the colourfully lit up ceiling) space. Now it really is a real oasis of relaxation and beauty. Next time it will be spa and a full body massage/ritual. It was highly recommended by a specialist Joana, I got feedback from several friends. All in all, when you are unable to lay on a beach, you can lay down for massage 😀 . And of course to take a selfie or two.

Oksana Pikul Jasaitienė
Ladies I would like to share a little secret with you. I work out a lot, but it is not always possible to achieve desirable results quickly, therefore as the festivals were coming I decided to try a PERFECT thing for women – VelaShape III, it reduces the cellulite, dimensions and saves a lot of hours in the gym, and that is very important for us, momies with kids 😉 I recommend and thank Cello Clinic for beautiful legs that pleases not only me ;

Sotera Šeikauskaitė
Always shiny and full of energy BabyBlog – blog for mommies author Sotera is enjoying an hour of beuty at the clinic CelloClinic! 🙂 Every mother deserves such moments, therefore, do not forget to pamper yourself❤️Because mothers deserve that! And what are You doing?:)) #velaShapeIII #mother #relaxtime — at CelloClinic Klinika.”

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