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Want to take a step closer to even more effective procedures? Dermatologists recommend scientifically approved and very effective hardware procedures.
Speaking in terms that are often used by dermatologists, procedures of the “Gold class” standard are performed with the equipment that emits waves of radio frequency. It is best if such equipment performs both physical and vacuum body massage, because it actively stimulates collagen production and strengthens the network of the subdermal connective tissue. These hardware procedures are quite comfortable, they usually cause no pain, and the fat cells themselves and their formations are shrunk during these procedures. Robert Weiss, the professor of the School of Medicine of the University of Baltimore, claims that depending on the innovativeness level of the equipment, four to eight equipment procedure treatment sessions could be necessary. Price of such single hardware procedure in the USA varies from 300 to 500 US dollars. After the treatment with hardware procedures, the level of cellulite is reduced by more than 50%. Results remain for six to twenty four months, only one or two result maintenance procedures are required every six months. In Lithuania the price of such hardware procedures varies from 100 to 200 euros for a single procedure.

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