The most magnificent Great day – with VelaShape III

As the most important festival of life is getting closer, you want that everything would be perfect. Allow yourself to lessen your problems and let Cello Clinic to contribute in the nourishment of Your beauty with VelaShape III When it seems that everything is planned to a detail, when the dress may be from a fashion house of Channel, the wedding shoes of your dreams – red soled Louboutins, and the wedding ring is a masterpiece from Tiffany.

All of that will not bring joy to you if there is no self-confidence. Confidence in your perfect shape. And we usually lack time for the perfect body, especially when the Big day is only a few days away and there are so many unsolved issues.

Modern medicine is so advanced that it can offer a very efficient help to every future bride, when trying to solve the problem of graceful body lines. “The achievements of Israel and American physicians always stood out due to their innovativeness, they promised to their customers reliable and noticeable results of high quality” – notices Jovita Gvezdauskienė a certified specialist of company Syneron Candela. “By affecting the body with the processes of infra red rays, radio frequency, vacuum and physical massage VelaShape III massage equipment reduces the dimensions of the body very quickly and effectively, also stimulates production of collagen and removes signs cellulite. Customers claim that they see the results right after the first procedure and after a course of three procedures the results are retained for a long time” – Mrs. Gvezdauskienė was sharing the benefits of VelaShape III massage device, – “That is why within less than a month the customers begin to enjoy dimensions that become visibly smaller, smaller sizes of clothes and more toned body”.

“Our clinic “Cello Clinic” is one of several authorized and certified representatives of the newest generation VelaShape III massage device in the Baltic States, therefore, we can offer our clients the most innovative and most effective solutions for the improvement and firming up of body lines. Precisely due to that all brides, who count every free minute, can safely entrust them to us, very quick and noticeable result within a quite short time is exactly the thing that is needed the most when you are seeking a perfect festival and self confidence during the Great day” , – confidently told Mrs. Gvezdauskienė a certified specialist of “Cello Clinic”.

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